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"Discover How This Brand New System Helps You Increase Conversions, Sales And Profits!"

 This now possible by using our latest breakthrough technology called... P.A.T

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Instantly Auto-Segments Your Leads On The Fly...

With the new Personalize Platform™ system you're able to step up your marketing game and start increasing conversions, sales and profits faster than ever before. Let's take a look at all of the revenue producing systems we have for you.

Dynamic Page Segmentation...

This system sends your subscriber to a page based on their data. Your subscriber now lands on a highly targeted page that is optimized for just for them. It’s like tapping into the conversation in their mind.

Redirect To Page
Redirect To Post

Dynamic Post Segmentation...

This system sends your subscriber to a related blog post, based on their data. Your subscriber now sees a blog post based on what they have an interest in. This furthers the relationship building process, because you’re delivering high quality content that provides a specific solution for them.

Dynamic URL Segmentation...

This system sends your subscriber to a related URL, based on their data. Your subscriber now get’s sent to a web site that’s highly targeted for them. This is great for promoting affiliate offers, specialized events, like webinars and teleseminars.

Redirect To URL

Personalize Platform™ Also Works With...

gravity forms
Click Funnels

Personalize Content...

This system allows you to display any of the users data you’ve collected on any page or post. Now, when the subscribers land on the page, their data in now weaved into the copy, making it personal and relevant to them specifically.

Personalize The Page
Personalize Content On Page

Dynamic Personalize Content...

This system allows you to display specific content on a page or post based on the subscribers data. It automatically scans your subscribers data and then dynamically shows them relevant content.
It’s like being able to read your subscribers mind and then show them exactly what they want on the page or post.

Dynamic Keyword Insertion...

This system allows you to display any keyword into your sales copy dynamically. This is great for creating relevant keyword rich pages when using PPC advertising. No more creating multiple pages just to change a few words. This does it for you on-the-fly.

Dynamic Keyword Insertion

100% Money Back Guarantee

For whatever reason if you are not happy with the Personalize Platform™, simply let our friendy support team know within your first 30 days from ordering and we will happily refund 100% of your money - no questions asked.

Our Community Loves The Personalize Platform™ System Because It's So Simple to Use
With Our Private Members Training Area...

Personalize Platform™ Members Area

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Personalize Platform™ System
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  • Helps You Grow Your Business

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  • You get our Personalize Platform™ (P.A.T) technology in our wordpress plugin. Now you can quickly start increasing conversions and moving your subscribers into new customers - fast!
  • You get complete access to our private members training area. Not technical? No worries, you don't have to be with our brand new training and support center.
  • You get our "Platform Overview Training" video course. This way you'll have a full and complete understanding of what you can do with this powerful technology.
  • You get our "Plugin Installation Training" video course. No webmaster required. We walk you through the entire installation process step-by-step, so installing our technology is a breeze!
  • You get access to our support desk incase you want help with something. Feel confident knowing we're here to help you succeed, so you're never on your own!

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  • Advanced Strategies Course: 10X your results using these advanced personalize platform™ strategies (a $199.00 value)
100% Money Back Guarantee
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(NOTE: You will see the 40% discount on the order page)

  • Personalize Platform™
  • Private Members Area
  • Platform Overview Training
  • Plugin Installation Training
  • 1 Year Of Support
  • 1 License Install
  • Personalize Platform™
  • Private Members Area
  • Platform Overview Training
  • Plugin Installation Training
  • 1 Year Of Support
  • 10 License Install
  • Personalize Platform™
  • Private Members Area
  • Platform Overview Training
  • Plugin Installation Training
  • 1 Year Of Support
  • 50 License Install

Have A Question...? Ask One Of Our Experts

Below is a list of questions and answers to help you learn more about our new Personalize Platform™ system. Please feel free to contact us if your question is not answered below. We are here to help you anyway we can.

  • Q.What do I need in order to use this software?

    A.Great question! In order to use the Personalize Platform™ technology, you will need to have the latest version of wordpress installed on your servers (4.0 or higher). You will also need to have the iONcube loader installed on your server. To have this installed simply contact your hosting company and ask then to install it for you. Most all big hosting companies already have this installed. NOTE: You will also need to be running at least 5.3 (or higher) version of php on your server.

  • Q.Do you have training on how to install the plugin?

    A.Yes, we sure do. We have a complete members training area. Here we show you (on video) how to install and activate the plugin.  Have no worries, just follow our lead and you’ll have the plugin installed and running in no time.

  • Q.Do you offer support with this program?

    A.Yes, we do. We know you’ll have questions and might need help getting things setup. We provide complete support using the support link in your members area.

  • Q.Is this a yearly fee or one time fee?

    A.We have a yearly license with the Personalize Platform™ system. This allows us to provide ongoing support for our application and customers. This also allows us to continue developing this application for future updates.

  • Q.Do you offer done-for-you services with this system?

    A.Yes, we do. If you would like help game planing on how to best use the Personalize Platform™ system, simply contact us and we will be happy to consult with you on your project. There is an extra fee for this service and this depends on how much work we will need to do on your project.

  • Q.Can I cancel this service at any time?

    A.Yes. When you purchase the Personalize Platform™ system it comes with a one year license. If you wish to not renew your subscription you can simply cancel it from your members area with one click. Note: Our refund policy is for 30 days and we do not prorate your subscription. It’s simply the one fee for the 12 months and then it renews for another 12 months, etc.

  • Q.What is a license?

    A.A license is for each plugin install. For example if you run two wordpress sites on the same domain and you wanted to run the Personalize Platform™ on each wordpress install. You would then need have a “Basic” subscription to do this. Since the Basic option allows you up to 10 installs.